Rib Cage Tattoos


Rib cage tattoos have become popular in recent years both among men and women. That is mostly because you can easily hide it whenever you want. So, if you’re working in corporate, it won’t affect your career in any way. And also because you can show it off when you want.

It especially applies to the ladies, when they are wearing a sports bra in the gym, or a two-piece in the pool or beach. Rib cage tattoos are also a fantastic way to get a more massive tattoo, and it can expand on your chest or back. However, there is also one thing about ribs that isn’t that exciting – pain. The rib cage is one of the most painful areas to get a tattoo. So, if it is going to be your first one, we’d recommend you to choose other body parts such as back or arms.

But you shouldn’t be afraid of the pain. If you want a tattoo on your rib cage, you will get it. And here lies the beauty of tattooing. You want it so much that you don’t even care about the pain. It means so much to you that everything else doesn’t matter. So, don’t think about the pain so much and take a look at our rib cage tattoo ideas. We’re sure that you will find the inspiration you seek!