Traditional Tattoos

Traditional styles are the roots of tattooing. These were the first tattoos. A limited color palette, primitive tools, and almost everything depended on the tattooist. You might have guessed that this is all in the past. In a way, yes, but traditional tattoos are a huge thing until today.

Although the styles of tattooing have evolved and are still evolving every year, traditional tattoos are still one of the most popular ones. Of course, we can see lots of interpretations of traditional styles. For example, the neo-traditional style is a combination of old-school looks and modern tattooing techniques.

And yet the old-school style is alive. There are lots of traditional tattooing artists and enthusiasts. We can even find some sort of division between old-school and modern tattoo fans. Some people claim that modern tattoos aren’t even a real thing and only ink with traditional tats.

But despite these different opinions, we have to admit that with modern tools and techniques, talented tattoo artists can now create much more complex pieces. That’s why traditional tattoos haven’t lost their popularity. You can now ink almost everything in a traditional style. Most popular traditional tattoo objects are swords, daggers, spiderwebs, animals, roses, and others. But we encourage you to find something that is special to you.

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