Mandala Tattoos

Mandala tattoos have been quite popular for the last couple years. And it seems that its popularity is still growing. We’ve looked to hundreds of tattoos, and we can tell you that mandala is one of the most common types. Anyway, if you also like mandalas and would like to get a tattoo of it, you must know what it means.

The word ‘mandala’ comes from the Sanskrit language, and it means ‘circle.’ It is a spiritual symbol in Hinduism and Buddhism, which represents the universe. However, the meanings may vary according to the form, color and other elements that surround the mandala. But generally, it’s a symbol of balance, vitality, and security. It includes all the energy of the universe and is a symbol with a very profound meaning.

So, if you’re a Buddhist, mandala tattoos are a perfect choice. It will go with you on your path to enlightenment. It will guide you in your spiritual way. Since it is a trendy design, we have a vast collection of mandala tattoos. There are infinite variations of colors, sizes, and placements. Take a look at these inspiring ideas and pick one for yourself!