Leg Tattoos

Leg tattoos are probably the second most popular type of all after the arm tattoos. Both men and women love them, and there are plenty of reasons to choose it as your first or your next tattoo.

First of all, it is a very eye-catchy type of tattoo. It will look good both on a girl’s thigh or a guy’s calf. Also, it is a perfect choice for those girls who like to wear skirts often. As for the guys, it looks great while wearing shorts. Another reason to choose leg tattoos is that there is plenty of space. Your legs are long, and there are many different spots where you can get a tattoo. You can get it on your upper thigh or your knee, on your left shin or the calf. Choose the placement accordingly to the size of the tattoo. If it’s going to be big – thigh is the perfect place. If you want a smaller tattoo – shin or calf is the best choice.

The third cool thing about leg tattoos is that you can easily hide it. So, if it’s going to be your first tattoo, it’s a great option. If you want to cover it – wear pants or a longer skirt, but if you’re going to show off – put on a shorter skirt or a dress. Before getting a tattoo, remember to choose a professional artist, and take a look at our beautiful selection of leg tattoos below.