Bird Tattoos

Bird tattoos are one of the most beautiful tattoo types and a perfect option for nature lovers. There are thousands of various bird species, so the creativity here is endless!

Generally, bird tattoos symbolize freedom, because of their ability to fly. However, there are lots of other meanings, and they all depend on the specific type of the bird. For example, the swallow is a symbol of love, while the Colibri stands for the hope and strength. Bigger birds like eagles embody the wisdom and freedom. The sparrows symbolize true love and spiritual connection.

Like different bird species, the bird tattoos also varies in size, color, and other features. Some birds, like eagles, are pure predators, and others, like Colibri, represent the tiniest creatures in the world. Every bird looks good both in color and black and grey. But bear in mind, that it will be more difficult and more expensive to recreate a realistic-looking bird tattoo.