Thigh Tattoos

Recently, thighs have been getting more and more attention in the tattoo world. In today’s tattooing, you don’t have to go with the traditional options. The art of tattoos is evolving and every year we discover something new. Thigh tattoos are not an exception.

The thigh is a perfect place to get a tattoo. There’s a lot of space, and you can get such pieces that you wouldn’t be able to ink on other body parts. Probably as with any other body part, there are thousands of thigh tattoo ideas. Nowadays, there’s no rules or guidelines for what you should choose. So, we simply encourage you to discover new things.

Before getting a thigh tattoo, you should know some things about it. If you are going to get a large piece, prepare for a long process. Although we can find information that thigh tattoos are painful, we would like to break that myth. A thigh is a place with lots of flesh. So, the pain will be tolerable for both those who already had a tattoo, and for those who are getting their first one.

Another common stereotype about thigh tattoos that they are mainly feminine. Such thinking is pretty old-fashioned. There’s isn’t ‘feminine’ or ‘masculine’ tattoos. Our world is changing fast, and we no longer divide things and in such a way. Thigh tattoos look great both on men and women.

There are lots of choices. So, we encourage you to create something new. To get some inspiration, take a look at our collection below. We hope you’ll find an idea for your thigh tattoo!