Shoulder Tattoos

Shoulder tattoos are quite popular both among men and women. It is a very versatile place to get a tattoo and you can find many beautiful designs. Also, shoulder tattoos may vary from a small to large size. If you’re more into traditional styles, you can look for tattoos that extend to the back or chest.

For most of the time, your shoulders will be covered but on the summer season, it’s your time to shine. So, shoulder tattoos are also a perfect way to attract more attention. For those who already have a back or an arm tattoo, shoulder could be a good place to fill the empty space and to add another piece.

One of the most important things, why people choose this area, is because it is quite wide and flat. So, it provides a lot of space for a complex design which you can cover up easily.

However, keep in mind that shoulder is an area of high movement. So, it will take a little longer to heal. When a usual tattoo can take up to 3 weeks to heal, a shoulder may take up to 4. In order to help a shoulder tattoo heal quicker, you should wear loose clothing made of light and soft materials which will not irritate the area.

Finally, take a look at our collection of shoulder tattoos. Here you will find a lot of different style designs both for men and women. We mostly like minimalist and traditional styles, but you should opt for a design that best represents your idea or your personality.