Foot Tattoos

Foot tattoos are undoubtedly one of the most popular body places where women like to get it. Inevitably, the feet are a beautiful body part of every woman, and with the right design, it will look even more attractive. Of course, you will only be able to expose it while wearing sandals or high heels. In other words, just in the summertime. But, foot tattoos are not only for the show-off, but they will also have a profound meaning for you.

Another cool thing about foot tattoos is that you can easily hide it if you need it. So, we must say that it’s a perfect choice if it’s your first tattoo. You may choose from a great variety of designs. Since the feet are a very delicate area, we do not recommend large and sophisticated pieces. The feet are perfect for a small tattoo like a phrase, quote or a little symbol, that will both reveal your beauty and have a deep meaning.

The most popular choices are phrases and words. Also minimal symbol such as heart, anchor, feather, and others. On the other hand, more and more men also prefer foot tattoos, so their designs, of course, will differ from the feminine. For guys (and girls), who are not afraid to experiment, we suggest taking a look at geometric patterns. No matter which design you’ll choose, remember that the most important thing is that it would mean something special to you. And of course – would look good. Take a look at our collection of foot tattoos below.