Watercolor Tattoos

Although it is common to call every colorful tattoo a watercolor, that is not true. Generally, watercolor is a method of painting in which an artist uses a water-based pigment paint. So, watercolor tattoos are those that remind the colors of watercolor paintings.

But the color palette and the style of the paintings are the only things that reflect watercolor art. From here, your watercolor tattoo depends on your imagination and your tattooist’s skills. We can find many different objects used for watercolor tattoos. One of the most popular choices of watercolor ink is abstractions. Watercolor style is very suitable for such tattoos. Splashes of colors, mixed with other things like lines, shapes, and other objects, make a great watercolor tattoo.

But you shouldn’t limit yourself with that kind of tattoos. You can make almost any tattoo in watercolor style. For example, this Lotus is a perfect example of a watercolor flower tattoo. While this deer is a beautiful piece of a watercolor-filled animal. Another very beautiful thing you can do with watercolor tattoos is galactic scenes. Take a look at this watercolor Aurora Borealis tattoo. You can see how beautifully these colors reflect Aurora’s beauty. And you can do the same with galaxies, and other cosmic landscapes.

Just remember to be creative. Don’t stick to one idea you like. Wait for some time, and you will see whether you really want it or not. Make sure you show your ideas to your tattooist. He or she can sketch you something unique. And for now – take a look at our watercolor tattoo gallery. We hope you’ll find inspiring ideas!