Small Tattoos

Whether you’re getting your first ink or just like tiny pics on your body, small tattoos are a perfect choice. In recent years, they became a huge hit among celebrities and young people. Small tats are now a part of the modern fashion. Traditionally, they are more popular among girls, but we can see that more and more guys are getting tiny tats as well.

Although it may seem that there isn’t much choice of small tattoos, there are actually endless possibilities. You can get a small word, a letter, a number, a tiny animal, symbol or anything else you can imagine. Of course, you should know that you can’t transform every possible object into a tiny tattoo. It will just not look good.

But most of our everyday-objects are great for small tattoos. The most popular things for small tattoos are various symbols. Hearts, Zodiac signs, arrows, geometric shapes, snowflakes, bugs, and others. We can even find landscape tattoos that are reduced to 2 inches. Tiny tattoos

The most common places for a tiny tattoo are fingers, wrists, and ankles. Since a small piece will not take much of your skin, you can place it on a well visible body part. But if it’s going to be your first tattoo, you should consider less visible parts. Such as upper arm, thigh, rib cage, or chest.

So, as you can see below, there are lots of small ink choices. We invite you to take a look at our collection and we hope you’ll find a perfect idea for your next tattoo.