Hip Tattoos

Hip tattoos are one of the most attractive tattoo types for women. It is a very sexy body part. In fact, there are studies which prove that the width of the woman’s hips relates to her sexual behavior. It’s not a surprise, because the hip was always the symbol of the woman’s fertility and sexuality. So, hip tattoos are a great way to emphasize your femininity and attractiveness.

There are two main categories of hip tattoos. The first one is the small or mid-size designs that only go on the hip. The second category is larger pieces that extend above on the belly or below on to the thigh. Smaller tattoos are usually phrases, little symbols, flowers and other tiny objects. Meanwhile, more massive hip tattoos are more sophisticated:  animals, mandalas, geometric shapes, and old-school tattoos.

Another great thing about hip tattoos is that you can hide it if you need. So, it is a perfect choice for a first tattoo. Also, it is a pretty big space so that you can get a large and complex tattoo on it. Although, we recommend to go easy with the big pieces. Unless done by a skillful artist, the result can be much worse than you expected. Take a look at these magnificent hip tattoo ideas. We’re sure you’ll find a perfect one!