Hand Tattoos

Hand tattoos are for the ones who want to show off their tattoo. It is probably one of the most visible parts of the body, and you can’t cover it like you could your arm or your leg. This is because there are still many jobs where the workers can’t have any tattoos on visible parts of their body. So, that includes the hands as well. But, if you’re not planning to work in a bank or if you’re job doesn’t have this anti-tattoo policy, hand tattoos are a perfect choice.

As we’ve already mentioned, hands are probably the second most visible part of your body, with the face being first. We perform a lot of actions with our hands during the day, and we look at them quite often. So, it’s essential to get a tattoo which you like very much. This is a decision that will stay with you for the rest of your life. So choose wisely.

We recommend spending a lot of time searching for an ideal hand tattoo. Pick the design you like the most. Don’t rush yourself into getting it quickly. After you find the perfect idea, wait for a week or so. Think it over. Maybe you don’t like it that much anymore? It’s hard, but a critical process for which you will thank yourself in the future. You should also know, that hand tattoos are one of the sensitive types. The skin is close to the bone, so prepare for an unforgettable experience. Take a look at our hand tattoos collection – maybe you’ll find your dream tattoo here?