Couple Tattoos

Couple tattoos are an excellent way to express your love. The initial concept of these tattoos is something similar to the wedding rings. You give a vow to your wife or husband, and it stays with you for the rest of your life. So, unlike other types, couple tattoos not only stay on your body forever, but it will also join you with your partner to eternity.

So, couple tattoos are something you don’t want to rush. You have to be 100% sure that this is the love of your life. Otherwise, you will have a mark that will stay with you, though you will not be together anymore. But if your love is strong, and both of you know that you’re going to spend the rest of your days together – go for it.

This type of tattoo is usually matching, which means that both of you will get the same design. And it will probably be on the same part of the body. For example the wrist, finger, arm, ankle or a rib cage. In fact, the placement is not a crucial part of this type of tattoo. Much more important is that it should represent your love. Take a look at our collection of couple tattoos. We hope it will inspire you and make your love even stronger.