Best Friend Tattoos

Best friend tattoos is a perfect way to express your profound friendship. Usually, two or three best friends get the same tattoo on a particular part of their body. These tattoos mark the eternal friendship, so if one of the friends passes away, the other still carries the symbol.

It is a beautiful gesture to express your love and to strengthen the friendship between two or more friends. Due to the usual minimal style, best friend tattoos are more popular among the girls. Although, more and more men are getting this type of tattoo.

The most popular types are small symbols, letters, flowers or words. Usually, they are monochrome, but the colorful ones look good too. Also, it can be some secret sign that only you and your friend know. As for the placement, the wrist, arm, foot and rib cage are the most common for these matching tattoos. We invite you to look at the examples of the best friend tattoos below. You will surely find a perfect idea for you and your best buddy.