Arm Tattoos

Arm tattoos are undoubtedly the most common placement. As we’ve been looking to thousands of tattoos, we can say that it’s also the most popular among both gents and ladies. Arm tattoo designs differ a lot since it all depends on what style you prefer.

There are three main categories of arm tattoos. First one and the least common is full-sleeve tattoos. Usually, they are inked in traditional style and covers the whole arm from the shoulder to wrist. The second category is inner arm tattoos. In the past years, these became very popular because of the ability to hide it when you need easily.

The third category is lower and upper arm tattoos. These are instead a placement than a type. Basically, you ink your tattoo on the upper part of the arm, or on the lower. The upper part is perfect for those who don’t want to display their tattoo a lot, while the lower is perfect for showing off your body art.