Animal Tattoos

Animal tattoos are one of the most popular tattoo types. Since the beginning of time, animals always were a significant part of our world. Today, people get an animal tattoo for various reasons. Some want to honor their best friend; others wish to solidarity with them. However, the reasons for getting a tattoo depend on your motifs and beliefs.

The animal tattoos can be complex and simple. So, you can have a small cat tattoo on the ankle, or you can look into more difficult choices like this polar bear tattoo. More recently, watercolor became quite a trend in the tattoo world, so if you like this style, you can combine it with your animal tattoo.

The kingdom of the animal is vast, so there are lots of choices for a tattoo. Starting with the cats and dogs, going to panthers and lions and finally to whales or dolphins. Every animal has its own symbolical meaning and exceptional features like strength, speed or intelligence. Choose an animal accordingly to these things, and you will have a perfect tattoo design.